Get Ready For Winter!

It's time to prepare your property for Winter and the wind, rain and freezing-temperatures it brings with it. We have compiled a brief checklist below for Landlords and Tenants that will hopefully offer some helpful guidance:

Roofing & Guttering

  • It's important to clear out your gutters and check that they function correctly to avoid any blockages or standing water. Any water overflowing can inflict damage and wear to your property often resulting in damp.

  • Before the rainy months are upon us, check your roof for any broken tiles or other damage. It is also worthwile to check your ceilings for any signs of leaks, damp, mould or condensation as these are likely to get worse during the winter months. You could save yourself a lot of money with preventative measures early.

Clean Your Fireplace & Chimney

  • Check that there are no gaps and that your chimney cap is on at the top of your chimney to avoid any unwelcome visitors.

  • Remove any ashes or charred wood from the fireplace.

Heating & Draft-Proofing

  • As the temperature starts to drop, the boilers kick into action - well, that's the idea! Make sure your boiler is ready for use sooner rather than later. Now is the perfect time to test your boiler and check that all of the radiators are working and if not, try bleeding them. Your boiler must be serviced every year, but if you're worried or something doesn't seem right it might be worth getting a heating engineer to take a look.

  • Ensuring your loft has adequate insulation and fitting draught excluders will both keep your house warmer and save you energy. There are lots of cheap, easy ways to heat up your property, meaning your tenants will be less likely to reach for the thermostat.

  • Re-programme the thermostat, ready for the cold mornings and evenings. It should help to ensure that the heating isn't left on when it is not necessary and thus help you to save on your energy usage.

Tend To Your Garden

  • Get your garden ready for winter by trimming, protecting and maintaining your plants and shrubbery. Clear out any fallen leaves and debris regularly.

  • It's time to bring in the patio furniture or at the very least cover it to protect it from the winter elements.

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